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David Mezera, president and co-founder, Donet

Donet has been providing Internet services—connectivity, hosting, and data center support — for more than 16 years. We’ve had a website from the very beginning, but we knew it was time for a major upgrade. Our company had been evolving over the past few years, and we needed our website to capture our shift in focus and better represent our service.

When we met with Atomic, they put us at ease right away. We’re heavily into technology, and the folks at Atomic get it. We can talk with them about Ajax or jQuery or Unix email clients, and we’re all on the same page, speaking the same language.

“Atomic helped us brand our services and create a site that reflects our core value: technical elegance.”

I met Atomic through the Dayton Tooling and Manufacturing Association, and I really liked their style. They were on their game in terms of understanding the digital world, and I felt that they had the maturity to really understand what I needed as a business owner.

The first thing that Atomic did was help us develop a set of icons to represent our five lines of service. We wanted to stop throwing technical details at our customers, which was confusing and unnecessary. Instead, we wanted to simplify the way we present our services and make them more accessible to our customers. Atomic helped us brand our services by creating the Express, Connect, VIP, Fusion Web, and Ready! icons.


Next, Atomic created a new site using those icons as a core element of the design. They stripped away all the clutter from our previous site and gave the new site a clean, streamlined feel. They also built a structure that’s extremely easy to navigate. That reflects one of our core values as a company: providing graceful, technically elegant solutions for our clients.

We’ve got a lot of good feedback on the site. In particular, customers really like the new video tutorials. If someone wants to install WordPress or phpMyAdmin, for example, I can point them to a video on our site that shows exactly how to do it.

We’re very happy with what Atomic has done. I’ve already referred quite a few other companies to them. And we’re already working on some follow-up projects to the website.

All in all, I’m looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Atomic.

"Two thumbs up from me and the rest of the Donet gang. Your collective awesomeness cannot be expressed in words."

David Mezera

President & Founder
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