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Ryan McCoy is a co-founder and owner of Atomic Interactive

Ryan has a strong web development background, with extensive experience working on open source projects. Ryan has served as art director and media director in numerous industries, including manufacturing, distributing and freight. Because of this diverse background, Ryan is comfortable communicating with a variety of clients in a wide range of fields.

Ryan is Atomic’s secret weapon… a web strategist with a heart of gold. Ryan utilizes his communication skills as well as his strong development and design talent to function as a knowledgeable supervisor to every employee at Atomic Interactive. Ryan works with our customers one-on-one to understand their business goals and create interactive plans to achieve them. His strategies combine marketing savvy, SEO expertise, and a deep knowledge of web development. The result? Great websites that create real results for our clients.

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"Two thumbs up from me and the rest of the Donet gang. Your collective awesomeness cannot be expressed in words."

David Mezera

President & Founder
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