When creating a video whether it is for Youtube or the big screen, audio is one of the most important things to get right. There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful piece of work be ruined with bad audio. Unfortunately audio is also one of the hardest, and most frustrating things to to get right! Luckily Premiere pro has some amazing audio AI features that you should learn!

AI audio workflows in Premiere Pro are designed to streamline and simplify audio editing by leveraging machine learning. Here’s a breakdown of the built-in features that can enhance your audio experience:

1. Automatic Audio Category Tagging:

This nifty feature uses AI to analyze your audio clips and automatically categorize them as dialogue, music, sound effects, or ambience. This saves you time by eliminating the need to manually identify these categories, allowing for quicker organization and application of targeted edits. Automatic categorization and visual fade editing can streamline the workflow, allowing you to focus on more creative aspects.

  • Import your audio clip into Premiere Pro. The AI will automatically analyze and categorize the clip (dialogue, music, etc.) – a small icon will appear next to the clip name indicating the category. You can then use these categories to filter and group your audio clips in the timeline for easier editing.

2. Interactive Fade Handles:

Premiere Pro now features interactive fade handles on audio clips. By grabbing and dragging these handles, you can visually adjust the fade in/out points for smoother audio transitions. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments in the Effects panel, making audio fades more intuitive and efficient.

  • Select your audio clip in the timeline. Small handles will appear on the beginning and end of the clip. Simply drag these handles to adjust the fade in/out points visually for a smooth audio transition.

3. Enhance Speech (Beta Feature):

This feature, currently in beta testing, utilizes AI to improve the clarity and intelligibility of speech in your audio clips. It can be particularly helpful in situations with background noise or poor recording quality. It’s important to note that this is a beta feature, so results may vary, but it holds promise for future audio editing advancements within Premiere Pro. The “Enhance Speech” feature can potentially improve the clarity of dialogue in your videos.

  • Premiere Pro may prompt you to enable the beta features. Once enabled, locate the “Enhance Speech” effect in the Effects panel. Drag and drop the effect onto your audio clip. You can adjust the effect intensity to achieve the desired level of speech enhancement.

Remember: While AI automates some tasks, it’s still crucial to listen to your edited audio and make adjustments as needed to ensure it sounds professional.

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