When you think about web design what do you think of? Perhaps functionality comes to mind. You want something that works. You want a site that will give your views the right information to drive them to become a consumer. With web design the way a website functions and the information shown is so important.

What is Design?

Design is creating a new and unique solution to a problem. Creating logos, branding, websites, wireframes, and all other components needed to give a company, and idea, or a person a visual presence that people can see and connect with. Something that a consumer looks at and knows the brand in question.

With that being said every issue one may come across has to be handle in a very different way. The same rules don’t apply to every element of design and knowing what to do and when is a very important key to successful design. When designing a brand identity, you want to be something that very closely capture the business. The feel of the business, who they are, what they stand for, and in the end something that is going to resonate with customers. You want it all to be visual, you want someone to be able to look what you have designed and understand why you did what you did. With web design its as visual as it is informational. You need to tie in the pre existing brand identity with all the information someone may need while on a website.

You know a design is good when the problem you set out to solve has been solved. You were handed an issue and were trusted to fix it and you know you have done your job when you leave with happy customers and can see that your work has helped create a solution to their problem. The result you aim to achieve may be purely functional, measurable with hard data, or just for experience, which is hard to measure with numbers but you’ll know.

What is Graphic Design?

Well, by dictionary definition, Graphic Design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. This makes the job of a graphic designer seem simple and very easy for someone to complete on their own and see results. That’s not always the case. Graphic Design is a very complex field. There are so many parts to making design work, and when wanting big results branches purely off of your design it is best to let someone in the field do your work for you. They are going to better understand what all needs to go into your design for you to see the best results for your specific issue.

Graphic design includes logos, websites, tattoos, sketches for fashion, industrial design, typefaces, hand lettering, print, animated characters, advertisements, cd covers, flyers, movie credits, newspaper headlines, beverage labels, and so much more. This is just a small part of what can be designed graphically. What they have in common is output that will be consumed through visual media.

What is Web Design?

Web design creating a solution to an issue one has based around web presence. This may mean building something to draw in more customers or simply building the first website because there is no web presence. It also includes graphic design, but it goes further than the purely visual. It stretches to incorporate every aspect of a web experience.

For example, knowing how to lay out the pages in a way that is easy to navigate. Knowing how to place content on each page to draw in customers and keep them on each page long enough to read what’s important. Knowing how to incorporate photos into your site to break up the content and make is more visually stunning.

In the end all of these things are crucial to success. Having a good branding to visually represent your company. Having a great online presence to allow people to see who you are before making contact. Graphic design and Web design go hand in hand. You have to be able to present good graphic design skills to be able to create a visually pleasing website that is going to draw in an audience and increase business. Without graphic design web design just wouldn’t be the same.

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