Jake C.

Digital Marketing Strategist

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Our Digital Marketing Strategist. Rather, a digital alchemist; converting strategies into gold

Jake came to Atomic Interactive with passion and determination. He graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and has always had a passion for digital marketing and brand development. At Atomic Interactive as the Digital Marketing Strategist, Jake was given the task to define the position that made the most sense for us and our clients. This included setting up marketing processes, creating elaborate service and pricing packages, creating training processes for future marketing specialists, developing regular content and copy, and assisting the sales team to generate and close leads.

Jake doesn’t only lead the marketing team for Atomic, but for our clients as well. If you are in need of any sort of marketing information, he is the one who can assist you with developing plans that make your business even more awesome and profitable.

Favorite Animal: Lion

Favorite Movie: Interstellar

Favorite Hobby: Working out

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