Taj V.

Web Development Manager

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He's our Project Manager & Web Developer Wiz, but we call him Mr. Wizard

Taj can do it all. He is our Project Manager and Lead Web Developer. Whether it comes to development or managing projects, communication is key. As our Project Manager, Taj will make sure your needs are implemented and ensure you’re confident your new website or mobile app meets your standards. Originally graduating college with an associate’s degree in Business Arts, he quickly made the transition from a front end artist to a back end web developer picking up the basics in ColdFusion, PHP, HTML, and Javascript. From this point in time he marched onto the path of freelance where he perfected his web development skills, working on projects like the National Air Force Museum, Pennylane Publishing, and Midwest Real Estate.

Taj is a diverse individual with experience in a plethora of industries and technologies, which means he will be pushing your project to the next level with the latest technologies and a solid core of functionality. Recently, he took on the role of Project Manager. His web development background, communication abilities, and knowledge with various product industries makes him the ultimate project manager. 


Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite movie: "I'm not going to demean great movies in this superficial contest of favorites."

Favorite hobby: Hockey

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