Colson Group

This project was where brain power was a must. Colson Group is one of the largest caster wheel manufacturers. Atomic Interactive designed 7 different sites for Colson Group. They first came to us because they had outdated websites across the board and needed a way for people to shop their extensive catalog. They also had issues of keeping track of leads and needed a way to track whether distributors followed up on their leads. Possibly the most important reason they came to us with this task was to discover new ways of acquiring more hot leads and user data. We gave all sites a unique and modern design, established a strong SEO presence, integrated a 3D modeling viewer, made products easier to find, and let users create their own projects. Our team’s task was a daunting one, but we made sure to deliver. This was a large project, but we gave it our small-team touch and it turned out beautifully.

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