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When it comes to custom applications, the sky is truly the limit.

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There’s a saying in business: don’t give me what I think I want, give me what I actually need.

Today, more and more people use their mobile devices as a primary source of information. That means that a mobile app or site for your company isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a gotta have. The possibilities for mobile apps are endless. They can also be overwhelming. We help you decide whether a native app or a hosted solution is best. And we create functionality that delivers exactly what your customer needs, within the constraints of a mobile browser.  So whether you’re developing iOS or Android apps, our goal is mobile web development that offers powerful functionality, designed for mobile users, and scaled for mobile devices. There’s a saying in business: don’t give me what I think I want. Give me what I actually need. That’s what our developers do at Atomic. We work closely with you to understand your business strategy and your customers’ needs. Then we develop innovative digital solutions to address them. That might mean building an app that automates a business process, a totally unique mobile app or one that makes gigabytes of data sortable and searchable.

Database Design & Architecture

Understanding how to manage data on the back end of your website is a critical first step in web development

WordPress Development

Developers love WordPress’ flexibility, scalability, and security. And users appreciate how easily they can manipulate their website with a WordPress CMS


For companies that rely on the internet as a primary source of sales, the right ecommerce system is critical

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