Research & Planning

Building a strong user experience starts with understanding your customer.

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What does your customer want? How do they behave online? How do they talk about your product? What are they really looking for?

We find this out through user experience research, which can take a number of forms: conducting focus groups, investigating keyword usage and preferences, and performing competitive analyses. Our goal is to develop a clear vision of your customer and their expectations. With that information, we can begin planning a coherent structure for your site — one that’s persuasive, elegant, and accomplishes your goals. In the research phase of UX, we uncover your customer’s key questions. In the planning phase, we create a site that answers them. That means organizing your content in a way that makes sense to your customer. Creating a clear navigational structure that helps them move through your site intuitively. Using calls to action that lead your customers from curiosity to commitment. After we’ve assessed each element that should be included in your site, we bring them all together to create prototypes – wireframes that define exactly how your site will be structured


In the prototyping phase, we explore the best ways of presenting the navigation, content, and key features of your site.

Responsive Design

Each website is designed to meet the specific needs of your audience and forward the unique objectives of your business.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design isn’t about meeting your customers halfway. It’s about meeting them wherever they are

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