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Everybody loves Chipotle. But nobody likes getting to the last bite of their burrito and finding that all they have left is a dry tortilla and a few bits of lettuce.

Here at Atomic, we have innovated a new way of managing your burrito to ensure that your last bite is as full of good stuff as your first. It involves carefully mixing your burrito innards before you begin eating.

Here’s what to do:

  • Drive to your favorite Chipotle.
  • Order your burrito. Be sure to pick up a knife or fork for mixing.
  • Sit down, then unwrap your burrito and carefully mix the innards. Try not to rip the burrito!
  • Rewrap your burrito tightly. If tearing occurs, don’t worry. Wrap the foil around it, and use that to keep everything in place.
  • Then, enjoy. No more worrying about ruining your burrito experience with a yukky last bite!
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