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11/15/2016 by Jake Clark

How to Perform Keyword Research

Content is King, but Keyword Research Takes the Crown
11/14/2016 by Jake Clark

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign

What is Email Marketing & Why is it Important?
10/13/2016 by Jake Clark

Why High Quality Photos Matter For Your Website

A picture can really speak volumes in the digital world.
09/14/2016 by Chad S.

How to know if you need a new website

If you don't have these 4 things, you need a new website.
08/30/2016 by Ryan M.

How to Get Reviews for Your Business

How do You Get People to Review Your Business?
06/14/2016 by Nick D.

Atomic Talk #2 Drones

06/14/2016 by Nick D.

Atomic Talk #1 Brands

07/25/2013 by Jake C.

Simple Social Media Management Tips To Live And Die By

Social media has become a major player in the realm of online marketing. We can all agree on the advances of social media since the old days of MySpace.com in 2003. And now with 27% of total U.S....
02/14/2013 by Taj V.

6 Steps (and 3 hints) for Awesome Project Management

I’m this close to earning my project management professional certification. After months of study and 11 grueling tests, there’s just a final review standing between me and PMP status. So yeah,...
05/16/2011 by Ryan M.


These days, it seems like we're bombarded with products whose sole purpose is to move life faster.
03/28/2011 by Taj V.

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02/12/2011 by Nick D.

Indented Quotes and Images - beautiful

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01/13/2011 by Nick D.

A Better Burrito Experience

[hana-flv-player video="http://atomicinteractive.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/chipotle-mix.flv" width="500" height="280" description="" player="1" autoload="true" autoplay="false" loop="false"...
10/15/2010 by Chad S.

Mobile Applications vs. Mobile Formatting

There’s a big shift in how people are shopping these days. “Let me Google that and see where I can buy it,” or “let me find a discount on Coupon Sherpa" are showing up in everyday...
09/02/2010 by Ryan M.

Search Engine Ninja Needed

Atomic Interactive, A Dayton, Ohio website design agency is seeking a Search Engine Ninja to join our marketing team. We're a fast growing, energetic team who loves to develop powerful online business...
06/30/2010 by Tom D.

Clean Code

Mom always told me to clean behind my ears. But clean code? She wasn’t too familiar with that.
05/13/2010 by Taj V.

Moving Forward, Looking Back

One of the things I love about working at Atomic Interactive is that every project gives me a chance to learn something new. That’s because the culture here is not about hanging on to old processes...
05/13/2010 by Ryan M.

Cubicle Envy

Atomic Interactive's new space was well thought out and planned, creating an environment optimized for productivity and creativity. We explored options, looked at swatches, and came up with a unique...
05/12/2010 by Ryan M.

Good News Dayton!

We kept getting comments last week about a great radio commentary about Atomic on the local radio station WHIO from friends and family. Much to our surprise it was true. Our internal private eye...
05/07/2010 by Ryan M.

A Post without Image

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02/15/2010 by Nick D.

New Demo Reel & Studio Tour

[hana-flv-player video='/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/atomic_final_vmed.flv.flv' /]
12/17/2009 by Taj V.

Managing scope changes

As Atomic’s project manager, my job is to plan our projects and keep them on track. Sounds easy enough ... maybe even boring. But there’s one little thing that keeps my job...
12/17/2009 by Ryan M.

Using directory submissions to drive SEO

I won’t give away all our secrets, but I will say that submitting the site to a number of directories was part of our strategy.
10/14/2009 by Taj V.

What’s Up with Wireframes?

We mentioned in our previous blog entry that we’re a little bit obsessive about project planning. And we admit it—we are. But that’s because we’ve seen too many web projects derailed because...
09/15/2009 by Jake C.

Analyzing Google Analytics

Carpenters are admonished to measure twice but cut once — a reminder that good decisions flow from good data. Getting things right at the outset means less time and money spent fixing things later...
09/15/2009 by Ryan M.

Picking the Right Browser

What if you developed a website based on a content management system optimized for one or two browsers? And then found out that your client is using neither — and can’t access your system or...
08/13/2009 by Jake C.

Setting Priorities for SEO

When we talk with our customers about search engine optimization, one of the biggest things we emphasize is that SEO is not a one-time task.
08/09/2009 by Ryan M.

Using StumbleUpon to Drive Web Traffic

Wanted to take a minute this week to talk about one of our favorite web tools, StumbleUpon. We like StumbleUpon because, like so many social media tools, it can be good for business. We also like it...
07/22/2009 by Nick D.

Helping Montgomery County Kids Stay Healthy

We're excited to be participating in a new campaign, mentioned in the Dayton Daily News yesterday.
07/14/2009 by Ryan M.

Persuasive Design and Your Four Key Customers

In our previous post this month, we talked about usability – the importance of making sure your site is easy to use and navigate.
06/09/2009 by Jake C.

Why content is still king

In our previous post, we talked about the importance of including keywords in your site structure.
06/09/2009 by Jake C.

Keywords: the key to an effective website

Most people know that including keywords in your website helps improve searchability.
05/15/2009 by Ryan M.

SEO vs. SEM explained

Quick quiz: What’s the difference between SEO and SEM? (You know, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.)
05/15/2009 by Ryan M.

When it comes to design… first impressions are everything

Here at Atomic, we believe in all the good stuff. Inner beauty. Strength of character. Substance over style.
04/30/2009 by Jake C.

Tweeting for business

Google “Twitter for business,” and you’ll instantly find about a zillion articles on why companies, politicians, and nonprofits around the world are using this tiny tool to talk with their...
04/30/2009 by Jake C.

Social media for everyone!

Recently, a lot of our customers have been hedging about using social media to promote their business. Many of them have the idea that social media is only for youth-oriented businesses . . . like...
01/29/2009 by Nick D.

shameless marketing ploy... sell shirts with your name all over it

Thanks to our swank intern Tony Wartinger we have a fresh batch of Atomic T's. Designed with love (and a deep desire to fetch coffee) these shirts won't last long. Show your support to Atomic, a small...
11/11/2008 by Chad S.

Things to ask when looking for a new web provider

1. Will it have a content management system (CMS) in the back end? A CMS will allow you to make changes to your web pages easily, at any time, just as easily as making changes to a Microsoft Word...
08/03/2008 by Nick D.

Graphic Design USA Magazine Features SAA College Website

Yes, it’s true … one of the websites we built recently has leaped out of the Internet and landed in the pages of a big ol’ glossy magazine. The mag in question is the July/August issue of...

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