Social Media & Reputation Management

What if I said you could eliminate a lot of customer service headaches by using social media?

Imagine going to your favorite fast-food joint and getting home noticing your hamburger doesn’t have the pickles you ordered on it. You love this place so you don’t make it a big deal, you simply go back and have them correct the order. A week goes by and you’re craving a juicy burger again so you go back. Low and behold, you get back to the house and they didn’t put pickles on your burger again. This time you go back, but you’re a little upset considering this place has always made good food and provided great service. What do they do? They correct the order and give you a gift card to use at a later date for the inconvenience. Ever since, your favorite place to get burgers have never messed up an order. They corrected the problem and you’re back to living the good life. Now let’s say you had the same problem at your favorite bakery, but they never corrected the problem and were quite rude to you during the process. Do you think you’ll go back to that bakery? Probably not; you might even write a negative review. Hey, you might even write the review on social media.


Use Social Media as a CRM Tool

Clearly, social media holds some weight and can be used in many different ways. The use of social media has limitless possibilities, one being a tool for customer reputation management. If a person or company has done business with you for a lengthy amount of time, but been having similar issues with your product or service as you did at the burger joint, they would want the problem to be corrected. Social media can be a valuable customer service tool so you can make things right with your customers and make sure they keep doing business with you.


What Can Using Social Media as a CRM Tool Do?

  1. Stop negative reviews and save face with your consumer
  2. Let you be where your customers are (this definitely goes for B2B companies as well. Whether you’re dealing with consumers or companies, everyone is on social media.)
  3. Help you listen to what your customers are saying
  4. Answer questions quickly without making people wait on the phone
  5. Provide transparency to your business, which people like!
  6. Shall I continue?


Final Thoughts

Social media is here to stay and should be a significant part of your marketing campaign. As you can see, social media can play a pivotal role for customer service as well as many other ways too.


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