We’re excited to be participating in a new campaign, mentioned in the Dayton Daily News yesterday.

It’s called Get Up Montgomery County, and its mission is to improve the health of kids ages 2 to 12. The project involves a variety of media efforts designed to encourage parents to make healthy choices for their children — choices like serving five fruits and vegetables daily, cutting out sugary drinks, limiting TV time, and helping kids get an hour of exercise each day.

We’ll be building the Web site for the campaign, getupmc.org. The site will feature health information for users and list of events people can attend to help them stay fit.

Ryan and I, the head honchos here at Atomic, both have growing kids — and we both know how hard it can be for working parents to make healthy choices for their families. It’s all too easy to stop at McDonald’s on the way home from work — or skip a trip to the park in favor of crashing in front of the TV.

We’re thrilled to be participating in this new program, and thank Public Health Dayton, and the CareSource Foundation for giving us an opportunity to help with this important cause.

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