01/20/2014 by Taj V.

5 Project Management Dos and Don’ts

07/15/2013 by Taj V.

6 Qualities of Highly Effective Project Managers

02/14/2013 by Taj V.

6 Steps (and 3 hints) for Awesome Project Management

I’m this close to earning my project management professional certification. After months of study and 11 grueling tests, there’s just a final review standing between me and PMP status. So yeah,...
12/20/2012 by Taj V.

Web Design Management│Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

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Why It Pays To Be A PMP

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Secrets to Successful Project Management

03/15/2012 by Tom D.

Slurping Up Bugs with Mantis

05/13/2010 by Taj V.

Moving Forward, Looking Back

One of the things I love about working at Atomic Interactive is that every project gives me a chance to learn something new. That’s because the culture here is not about hanging on to old processes...
01/18/2010 by Chad S.

Is your website helping your business?

12/17/2009 by Taj V.

Managing scope changes

As Atomic’s project manager, my job is to plan our projects and keep them on track. Sounds easy enough ... maybe even boring. But there’s one little thing that keeps my job...
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